Product Features
Supermarket fumigation :

Market pesticide application, your customers happy by offering discounted rates and attractive products, while at the same time free from pests and insects live as healthy and clean environment is an application that allows shopping experiences.

As an owner of shopping from store to shop and live nasty surprises customers to compromise on image should pay attention to hygiene issues. Seen a little bug in your shop and your customers can be annoying at the same time. Please also seen in the market, even one grain insects to be seen, though there by your customers will leave an impression as if there were thousands of insects.

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Inside An Distribution Center On Cyber Monday


Product Features
Warehouse fumigation :

Warehouses never get sunlight or humid environment are very few areas. These areas are places for insects foolproof. In particular, cockroaches and rodents appear to density in these areas.
Whatever your warehouse each; If you store the insects or rodents things that will certainly be damaged. Our team of repositories protected from rodents and insects can all be removed.
Low cost of operation by taking medication at regular intervals to obtain huge profits.

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Textile Firms


textile firmss


Product Features
Textile mill fumigation

Fleas, moths and rodent problems, especially in the textile factory is. In addition, other plants, including the kitchen, dining room, tea bushes as part of the problem is in the cockroach. Specified day and time with the factory management team identified out.lingerer space spraying will be conducted as operations and operations are carried out and when finished editing the required reports will be delivered to factory authorized.


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Product Features
Store pesticides :

Bad surprises shoppers to your customers live and to compromise on image quality should pay attention to hygiene issues. Customers from each other attractive products and discount price that continues to enchant with your happiness, but also in them a healthy and hygienic environment can make a difference by offering the possibility of shopping. This issue should not have to worry about yourself.
Simply call us. Call our team solve your problem immediately and let you redirect. Shop our service with spraying insects, pests and rodents from your store I clean.

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Product Features
Restaurant fumigation :

Eat in a clean and healthy environment for your customers and your enjoyment Are you doing everything you can to spend. However, insects, pests and rodents with your head in trouble? Call us with our service restaurant medication we solve your problem in a short time. Moreover, our prices are very affordable and are the same across everywhere in the word.
We are as close as a phone. Just call us and you can continue to provide quality services to your customers.

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Kitchen fumigation;

You can prepare delicious meals to customers, our professional team and valued customer you solve your problems for you to pesticides.
Our team of service by spraying all four corners of your local pests and rodents are neutralized.
If you wish during the spraying process your space without needing to leave the drugs can do to your business. In addition, our teams taking all precautions before spraying method with the correct medication as soon as they get the most effective results.




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houses & villas

Luxury Villa house (4)

Product Features
Home of drugs

House spraying, pest in the fight of our lives in a way for us to maintain a healthy and clean home and our living space is an important step in order to get rid of the pests.

Attention should be paid to hygiene and cleanliness at home and be very careful. In particular, there is plenty of food in the areas of people’s lives, often it is possible to encounter insects. Insects at home first, kitchen, bathroom, sink, toilet, in the interior of the room, and bedrooms are seen along the walls and gradually spread all the way home. Home interior, leaving the feces and eggs spread the disease.

Home is the most common insects; Cockroach, the German cockroach, cockroaches, Oriental cockroach, American cockroach, ticks, bedbugs, the fleas, lice, flies, mosquito...

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Product Features
Factory fumigation :

Want to drugs and care is very important factory. Because multiple factories and work places are places where people live. It is very difficult to ensure the cleanliness of this place. In this regard, factories and public buildings to be the influx of pests and insects. It is known today that many people infected with this disease is transmitted by insects. In this regard, factories and places of work that needs to be cleaned from living insects and pests within it certainly is very difficult to combat with the individual. Insects and pests with the most economical and healthy way of dealing with pesticide is. Spraying to all our customers as the company has for years and day night and spraying services we offer...

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Product Features
Hospital fumigation :

Hospitals, most in need of human beings is one of the service area. For this reason, hundreds of people a day is going to come to the hospital. Many of the people who come to the hospital because they are sick body resistance is low. These people are more likely to get sick. Pests and insects visit the place where they left their germs because they, these people who already have the disease or the disease progresses further does not show signs of improvement.

It is therefore our health hospital hygiene is important. Must necessarily be free of pests and insects. Hospital of drugs to hospitals to be treated by having a clean and healthy environment for hospitalized patients by providing them once again showed how much you care can be.

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